Interesting things about Premium**** business hotel bratislava

Today there is no problem to design the hotel attractive and interesting, design nice building and furnish it in an impressive way. But somehow there is much more what we can do for our guests.

Feng Shui – or an Environment Harmony

The Chinese use feng shui principles and its influence to harmonise the environment in buildings and rooms. The aim of feng shui is appropriate to direct the life energy qi; prana in India and ki Japan. Translated into the language of us – make the guests feel comfortable and happy to be coming back.

It may not seem significant, but for us it is important. Free parking for hotel guests in the yard or in the garage. A sense of calm to our guests is important for us. If you have special parking requirements, please do not hesitate to contact the reception.

What to say? It might sound obvious, of course, but it is not. We brought (think literally, dig a trench, bringing wires connected) fiber optic cable to ensure sufficient connectivity for everything you can think of. Welcome!